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A new level of my life. I'm grown up. Can you believe it?


Still can't.

So I should recognize the way I feel. I don't know. Really. Now I can't understand how people can live together, they're so different, even when they think they are so close to each other. Maybe it's bad that I think so, that the thoughts of this kind came to my mind. But it seems that the fact that living with you is not so fairy as I supposed makes me puzzled. Usually in case like this I stop to be rude and stubborn in a couple of hours (it's the worst variant!). But now I still don't know what to say. Yes, I know, that my behavior is not really good, but it's just like some ugly noises for me to think of changing myself. I hope I will be able to become quiet and better in the future, when I finally grow up (for God's sake, it sounds like stupid excuse!). You can do everything you want, what will be good for you , because I don't really think I can demand of anything at all.


The truth is I still can't be without you.


Call me tomorrow.


I'm damaged deeply insight. As though I'm all right from the outside.


What the motherf*cking shit - all your invented perverted inclinations!


I'm waiting for you, my man. After all, our days will be the best days.

@настроение: not far from summer




I should be more quiet. Nothing can disturb me anymore, nothing can touch me, no one can change my tranquil mood . For this time I make my mood by myself. I'll save myself for you.


I'll save also you. You're too good to make you suffer. Nothing is bad in you, now I know it. You see, today is not some special day, we even didn't see each other. I think it's not power of moment as it usually was. It's my mind. I love you, Cookie. You're too sweet, my Caramel Bear. Everything you do is really good. I absolutely depend upon you.


By the way, my English's better, isn't it? :)


The previous days was really good. I still feel you're mine. Don't be sad, please. I want to help you, but I don't know how. Our funny songs, our little trips, I can even said that now I like Moscow. Yeah, of course just because it was great to be there together. I can not to tell it, you know. We had almost three amazing years. We'll have even more. Love you!!! Still love you. Even more then before. We're real couple. We're one person. We're me, we're YOU.. :love: Bye-bye.


What's wrong with this picture?

I didn't write there for a long time. I know it's wrong. Your prof decided that we are totally crazy so made us watch the movie «Death at a Funeral». It was fun, but disgusting actually.

Also I understood that history classes are the most rest for me among these phonetics, grammar and linguistics.


Our Latin prof told a funny story today: which fruit did students in the women's academy eat every morning? Of course we gave stupid guesses. In fact it was not fruit in usual meaning. It was egg.


That's all for now, my dearest diary :D


Refreshing tears.


Indecent Proposal

Listen, I've to talk to you about what happened. I have to. Just hear me out. I think the mistake I made in Vegas was thinking that I could forget what we did. I thought we were invincible. But now I know that the things that people in love do to each other, they remember. And if they stay together, it's not because they forget, it's because they forgive. I was just... I was just so afraid than you wanted him. No, actually I was afraid that you were right to want him. I thought he was the better man. I know now he's not. He's just got more money.







It's really sad, Bo. And I'm thinking about us.

I love you very much. Even when I'm not very good with you. We have so much wonderful time together. We have things to remember. We're full of each other.


Smth fun



It's really fun and I laugh at it :) But...I didn't understand every single word actually. Can you help me?







There're no souls, you know. I thought about it yesterday. But...em...I thought if you had felt that I'm not ok. But you were sleeping and you hadn't. So there're no souls, no so supernatural abilities people are talking about. If soul existed you would feel me even when you're sleeping. You can't, neither can others. You're the closest.


I love you again and again. Yeah, I'm selfish very often, but...don't know...everybody's changing. I hope so:)
Last night I wanted to leaf through you diary again. Now I've done it. You're nice through all this time. Though I feel all I read about was a long time ago. It's a little bit funny that we still together, isn't it? No, I didn't mean it's strange, no no, it's "cosy".
Mmm...I'd like to write more poetically, I envy people who can do it. What do you think about me now? I'd like to talk about us a little.



Our relationships would be ruined, if I wasn't what I was. Though, I should recognize, that they would be ruined, if you weren't what you were, even faster than in first case.


Do you wanna be farther on me? Sometimes I think I can afford it.

Oh, when you read it, if you even read it, I'll have to explain this obvious thing, though you know what I mean. You'll just wanna know it for sure. I would do the same, if I was you.
Of course if you read it at all.
Are you sure we should be together? Perhaps you feel more comfortable without me. Don't stop the car without brakes. Now I think it's about our relationships.

We are not so close as we have ever been. Do you feel the same? Just don't say that I imagine it, notice me! I think it's dangerous thoughts.

I want a drama? Perhaps.


Please, let's everything will be all right?


Your profundity's not more valuable than a paper in a shit. Shut the fuck up!


What a shame to see that dreams I see.


Hell yeah. There are more then one page of my English stuff. Though I thought I would write more.

Teen thinks so